Kelsey Jordan Ward joins the ensemble of Madagascar

We are thrilled to have Kelsey Jordan Ward back at the Dome to join the ensemble of Madagascar! 

Kelsey portrays multiple different roles throughout the show’s 1-hour run time. “I play 6 different characters over the course of the show so trying to make them all very different is somewhat of a challenge. From bubbly Zelda to sarcastic Maurice I have a range of characters to play with. I try to use my time before a scene to switch from one character to another to keep my energy fresh for a new character.” 

How does she relate to her unique role in the show? “I’m a Gemini so I guess I’m used to having a couple different personalities.” 

When asked about preparing for a performance, Kelsey does have a few tricks up her sleeve. “I try not to get superstitious about performing or else I’ll get myself worried over nothing! With early morning performances warming up my body and vocal chords is an absolute must. I try to steam my voice as often as possible and I carry around a nebulizer to keep my vocal cords hydrated!” 

What is Kelsey’s favorite thing about her experience in Madagascar so far? “The people are just fantastic. The entire cast and production team are absolutely a joy to spend my days with.”

Madagascar tickets may be purchased at https://secure.casamanana.org/events/madagascar/. Don’t miss these party animals!


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