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Artists That Shaped Us – Joshua McLemore

Joshua McLemore started in theatre by taking children’s acting classes across Fort Worth and Cleburne. Josh was comfortable on stage at an early age, “I was the only Black kid in my first performance, 101 Dalmatians. From then on, I knew I needed to strive to get more diversity on stage – and [jump] into any opportunity for people who [didn’t] look like me.” 

Every month, especially Black History Month, he’s inspired by the young Black actors he sees on stage. “Seeing [their] talent getting to shine is a different kind of happiness. It pushes me to be the role model I didn’t have growing up.”  

He’s celebrating his Blackness this month, “I’m proud of who I am. I wouldn’t change anything about me or my skin. I encourage others to do the same. Celebrate our beautiful melanin, kinky hair and goofy personalities. Happy Black History Month!” 

Motivated by MJ Rodriguez, a trans-Black woman. Josh is encouraged by her moves in the theatre world and film. “She’s proud of who she is and teaches everyone – adults to kids – that they should do the same.” 

He made his Casa Mañana debut in the 2021 Apprentice Program production of Bonnie & Clyde, to which he credits Jeremy Dumont for casting him. The following December, he starred in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and will be seen on stage this March 18-April 3 in Shrek the Musical. 

What’s next for Josh? “Auditions on top of auditions, on top of more auditions! Casa has made me feel welcome, and you better believe I’ll be at EVERY audition I can make.” 


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