The Music of Harry Chapin and Jim Croce


Trailblazing singer-songwriters Jim Croce and Harry Chapin embodied the folk and soft-rock era of the 1970s. Their music captured the complexity of the human experience, communicating life’s joys and sorrows through rich characters and narratives. Both Croce and Chapin used their music as a platform for social change, addressing poverty, hunger and the issues of their day through emotionally charged lyrics. Tragically, both were killed in accidents, their promising careers cut devastatingly short. But their untimely deaths didn’t stop them from leaving behind powerful musical legacies that continue to resonate with listeners. Featuring their timeless songs including “Cats in the Cradle,” “I Got a Name,” “Time in a Bottle,” “Taxi” and more. This show is suitable for most audiences.  

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